The #AfricaAgainstEbola campaign is coordinated by the Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust, a registered charity, in partnership with the African Union. All donations made to the Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust will be used to train, equip and deploy African health workers in the fight against Ebola and to build long term local health capacity.

Our Mission

For Africa to overcome the Ebola epidemic, we as Africans and friends of Africa need to fight this disease together.
We must harness the capacity and skills of our continent to support those affected.


In partnership with the African Union, our mission is to mobilize resources to send much-needed health workers – drawn from within Africa – to the Ebola-afflicted countries.

Several African governments have pledged to contribute their army medical corps teams to support the effort.Under the operational coordination of the African Union Support to West Africa (ASEOWA), these trained doctors and nurses will care for those infected, help contain the disease and strengthen local hospitals and care centres. Our vision is a resilient Africa that is able to respond effectively and rapidly in times of crisis.


Help us make this possible. Donate today to equip and deploy over 1,000 African health workers to the countries that need them most.